Retail Digital Signage

Reinforce your branding and your customer experience

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Transform your Customer Retail Experience with Retail Digital Signage

Here are a few reasons why you need to consider Digital Signage in your retail environment


  • Retailing has changed from a product-centric business to a customer-centric business.

  • Shopping is now a user experience where services and products must be built around individual customers.

  • Retail Digital signage gives retailers greater control to quickly and easily update or change the messages delivered in-store.

  • Retail Digital signage delivers a shopping experience that connects the online marketing to the physical in-store experience.

  • Retail Digital signage in conjunction with mobile apps and beacons deliver a holistic customer experience across all the various media touchpoints that a consumer engages with.

  • Retail Digital signage allows retailers to optimize their message around their capabilities and needs, based on variables such as local inventory levels and external conditions.

  • Retail Digital signage ROI is very real and the measurable impact that retail digital signage networks are having on specific business objectives is a significant driving force.

AIMS have extensive experience in the retail digital signage industry, from installing a 3x4 Interactive Video Wall to integrating the new and emerging technologies such as Beacons, NFC, and audience, directional sound and loyalty programs. We will help you emerge as a competitive retailer fit for the demanding customer.


There has never been a more exciting or more challenging time to be a retailer. The consumer is a very different person than he was 10 years ago and the rate of change is shooting up almost exponentially. It is no longer enough to have the “stuff” because your customers can buy what they want from almost anywhere.  You have to give them a solid reason to come into your store, and then, come back again and again.

Connect with today’s smart shoppers

Shoppers are entering retail stores with higher expectations and more distractions and marketers are increasingly challenged with capturing attention. Creating an innovative shopping experience using digital in ways like interactive displays and smarter screen content can draw the shopper deeper into the experience, leaving a lasting impression.


Sales associates can be empowered to update screens in real-time to reflect current trends, in-store age or gender demographics, promote specific items or remove sold-out products from screens. From simple, small-scale installations to large deployments of interactive experiences, our platform ensures you can confidently, effectively market to your shoppers while improving the business objectives of the store.

Immediately impact sales

We love where the future of retail is heading. Savvy shoppers are increasingly seeking out more meaningful in-store experiences and our platform is designed to handle the challenge. Digital solutions can immediately impact the shopper’s impression of your brand and have been proven to increase sales. By combining Internet-connected devices, the scope of how digital can improve the in-store experience is limitless, including smart dressing rooms and shelving, touch screen kiosks, assistive selling tools, beacons and more.

Despite the increase of online shopping, customers overwhelmingly still convert sales in the physical store and drawing in elements of the online experience creates an Omni-channel mix that’s increasing sales and customer fulfillment.

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