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As it has done with retail stores, digital signage allows banks to hone the in-store experience with a level of precision and visual appeal that has never before been possible.

Banking Digital signage allows banks and financial institutions to hone the in-store experience with a level of precision and visual appeal that has never before been possible. It is an evolution that is in process and one that will result in the total reinvention of the bank branch.

The bank branch, much like any other place of business, has undergone a radical shift in the past two decades.

The greatest driver behind the change in the face of the business world is a heightened understanding on the part of the consumer about the experience he is having when he does business with you.

To the financial institutions, it represents an enormous challenge – how do you connect with and educate your clientele when your business is changing so rapidly? How do you position yourself competitively when so many other options are available, most of them structured around convenience for the client?

Reinforce brand confidence and customer experience

Digital Signage for Banks improve the experience across all touchpoints – ATM screens personalized to a single user, self-service kiosks as well as large-scale video walls streaming financial news make an immediate impact.

Digital signage for Banks can transform the personal banking experience by reducing perceived wait times while entertaining and informing, always staying relevant to the current audience’s financial needs, reinforcing confidence in your brand.

There are many reasons why Digital Signage is good for banks and financial institutions.

  • Display real-time information linking to internal data sources and live financial data feeds.

  • Maximize profit through cross-selling and upselling with reduced marketing operational costs.

  • Generate, deploy and update content from a central location or allow for content to be updated to fit local banking conditions and audience.

  • Encourage customer loyalty and attract new business with eye-catching promotions and interactive displays.

  • Tailor ATM screen content to a single user focus.

  • Keep viewers informed about financial services and current promotions.


Screens also display a wide variety of content such as infotainment, live financial data, and queuing system information.

This type of content enhances the customer experience because it helps reduce perceived wait times.

 The Experience:


  • Banking is a commoditized industry which has very few differentiators outside of the brand experience. That experience starts when the customer walks through the door and hopefully carries forward with that person even after they leave the branch. Digital signage offers the opportunity to enhance the brand experience that customers receive each time they enter the branch.


  •  Informative: The modern customer is thirsty for the right information. Information that is conveniently within reach at the right time, in the right place.

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