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Hospitality Digital Signage

Empowering staff and Entertaining guests

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Create excitement &  Enhance brand loyalty

Hospitality Digital Signage has been alive and well in the hospitality for some time now. These days, the hotel industry is increasing the visibility of Digital Signage and making those screens the centerpiece of a visual campaign that reaches consumers from the moment they enter the lobby.


Hospitality Digital Signage has evolved from a novelty to commonplace. Not only are people enticed by the flashy,
sometimes entertaining messaging it provides, but they have come to expect it over a static display.


  • Hotels are the perfect place for display digital signage.

  • We all know, that excited, motivated and satisfied guest is far more likely to come back again.

What better way to instantly excite and motivate your guests than with Digital Signage. With Digital Signage you can provide video, images of the hotel areas like rooms, restaurants, conference and ballrooms, pool area etc., shown in clean classic elegance on large screen displays.

The Experience:


  • The lobby of the Hotel: Custom Channel featuring running promotions, hotel rates, currency, weather, facilities, news, photos of the hotel areas.

  • Lounge TV: Specific content (Special Promotions, new services, events), Entertainment Content (music clips, news and movies clips).

  • Digital concierge (Touch): Allow guests to gain information as they please, give them internet access for local information, Play scrolling text message and warnings, Even allow guests to Check In / Check out.​

  • Meeting Rooms,  Conference Room, Ball Room: to manage and display important and relevant information such as the meeting title, the logo of the hotel, a greeting to the visitors and meeting time and duration outside the meeting rooms is an effective way of providing guests and visitors with relevant information in a professional modern way, that only boosts the image of the venue.

  • Restaurants and Cafeterias: To advertise menu specialties, happy hours, promotions, videos, the timing for breakfast, lunch and dinners etc.

  • Elevator signage: Digital signage in elevators provides guests with information about restaurants, amenities, in-hotel shops, limited-time.


AIMS understands Hospitality and will work with you every step of the way.

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