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Automotive Digital Signage

It is surely to motivate, entertain and inspire employees and customers

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Just imagine what a theater-sized Display that dominates one wall of the showroom can achieve with the passing by prospects.
It is sure to motivate, entertain and inspire employees and customers.

Create excitement &  Enhance brand loyalty:

LED screens and interactive car configurators, entertainment screens, and service time displays are an essential part of the modern Car showroom; Digital Displays can create the wow factor needed to provide an additional communication channel to promote your car brand inventory.

Digital signage can be designed with your dealership identity, targeted customer messages, positive content, and real-time messaging.

The Experience:

Automotive Digital Signage can create an atmosphere of comfort for their guests whether they are buying a new vehicle or servicing their own. Guests can experience a wow factor when they walk into the showroom.
Having an atmosphere that welcomes customers when they arrive is a must. What makes the biggest impression on all visitors is new digital technologies, well implemented and put in place.

Like any Retail facility, an Automotive Showroom should have several engaging amenities that differentiate your showroom from others. For example, you can include a connected café, a high-tech media room, a kids’ play area, an outdoor Display, and a massage area with in-chair televisions. Free Wi-Fi should be available throughout the place, with tablets allowing the customer to try out different combinations of cars and be able to change their options and accessories.AIMS understands the industry and will work with you every step of the way.



Some locations within the Automotive Showroom that can utilize digital signage include:


  • Custom video walls: These walls will energize and modernize your new car showroom, allowing you to incorporate dynamic and visceral digital content into your showroom environment.


  • Showroom: A Custom channel featuring specific content (special promotions, new accessories, service and financing deals, car models displayed as running footage) and entertainment content.


  • Service Area: Service/parts specials, customer comments, and integration with the service appointment calendar; to welcome and greet customers, inform them when their cars are ready and maybe give a real-time view of how much energy the dealership has saved with its innovative green measures.


  • Large TV Displays: Display a self-service application of the “Thought of the Day” featuring images and famous quotes.


  • New Car Delivery: Custom application to congratulate the new owner with a “Name in Lights” concept also featuring the model footage.


  • Parts & Accessories: a Detailed showcase of the rim upgrades and interior technology options available.


  • Touchscreen application: to “Build Your Own Car” and have it delivered to you.

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