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Audiovisual Consultancy Services

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AIMS has acquired extensive experience in all areas of Audiovisual solutions and digital signage – from strategy and design to content creation, implementation, and management.


A good strategy in the start is of crucial meaning for the success of any project, and our goal is to partner with our clients and engage with them on what works and what does not help find the right solution, define the process, and show them how to succeed.

Our Services also include:

  1. Consultancy on Building and Managing DSN Networks.

  2. Installation of (Screens, Hardware, Software, Accessories, Networks

  3. Integration services (Que systems, NFC, Beacons, Mobile Apps)

  4. Content development for Digital Signs

  5. Customer support & annual maintenance.

  6. Digital Signage Content Production and Management

  7. Digital Campaigns development

  8. Evaluation of Client Technical requirements

  9. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

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