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Corporate Communications

Reach out to your most important asset, your people

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It's time for a connected Company

From welcoming guests in the lobby to better-informed employees, Digital Signage helps a corporate communicate with its employees in any location from break rooms to factory lines and even on their desktop.


A corporate can quickly create a cohesive work environment, connecting employees, management, and visitors, from displaying the latest oil prices, live feeds from news, financial reports, or whenever needed to show emergency information.

Corporate Communication Digital signage is the perfect mechanism for communications in every business.  Digital signs can be updated instantly with content created and controlled by you.  Company alerts can be scheduled to announce office closing or special events.  Digital signs are also a great mechanism for training employees.  Distribute your networks across lobbies, break rooms, office locations, across country locations.  Customize your programming to support employees regionally.


Digital signage helps you deliver your message efficiently and with maximum impact. A robust communication strategy is important but it is crucial to have an execution tool that will guarantee results. We have platforms that allow your team to execute and deliver content that guarantees successful information sharing.


The content can vary from entertaining, informative stream to targeted content such as HR information, employee recognition, production line, and sales statistics and wins, generating enthusiasm and company energy.

Effective Corporate communication is key to a company’s success. But with employees scattered across multiple sites, away from computers and phones or not, the moving and dynamic nature of the business nowadays makes it tough to relay important messages having any certainty that the corporate message will reach most of the employees.


A digital display network can deliver the corporate message to the employees wherever they are and deliver targeted messages related to the employees, their jobs, their targets, and so on. You can rely on a digital signage network to:


  • Breakthrough clutter and email overload with visually engaging digital displays

  • Increase employee engagement, morale, and participation in company initiatives

  • Place displays where employees will see them – hallways, elevators, cafeterias, lobbies, even the manufacturing line

  • Reduce workplace accidents and enhance emergency preparedness

  • Share messages that reinforce brand standards and introduce products or processes

  • Easily pre-program messages to change content by location, time, or daypart

  • Tailor each screen with information specific to its audience

  • Assign control rights so displays can be controlled and updated from the home office, a department, or multiple locations

  • Display productivity achievements and goals in real-time

  • Provide wayfinding, virtual maps, and other navigational tools

  • Avoid conference room scheduling confusion

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