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Interactive Maps and Wayfinding Solutions

Digital Maps & Interactive Wayfinding services for tailored to shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and any building type to provide a better Customer Experience

Intelligent Interactive Maps
Wayfinding Solutions

True Interactive experiences and visualized communications

Interactive Wayfinding Map Design, Edit, Management and playback Software

22Miles’ Map module is used to simplify your mapping projects to build and import 3D models, edit rooms and nodes, and manage routes. Manage and edit your custom maps built by the 22Miles team, or drag and drop your PNG and SVG floor plans. Property settings and pick-and-click controls provide a powerful map design tool with ease of use, 3D layers, and editable floor plans. A built-in catalogue that is easily editable and allows for import/export listings. Leverage the same map content and publish it to mobile apps with one click.

Sheikh Zayed grand Mosque wayfinding

3D Models, Furniture and  Fixtures

Supported in kiosks, native iOS/Android apps, and SDK plug-in, 3D objects such as Landmark buildings, Monuments, desks, chairs, stairs, and other assets can be leveraged for a more immersive wayfinding experience. The solution can create a wow-factor in a virtual environment that replicates the physical space for better orientation and association.

Augmented reality wayfinding

Augmented Reality and Beacons

Users can detect indoor location in real-time using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons, geomagnetic positioning, or our proprietary AR image recognition technology. Our SDK gathers proximity insights and dwell time data so you can best guide your visitors’ mobile experience. Provide a real-world guide to unfamiliar environments with augmented reality. Display routing, distance and time estimates, promotional content, and more as a camera view overlay.

Professional Kiosk Design and manufacturing

Our digital kiosk design and fabrication services cater to the modern needs of businesses and public spaces. Focusing on innovation and functionality, we create interactive kiosks that engage users and offer seamless navigation. From concept to completion, our team delivers cutting-edge solutions tailored to your requirements, ensuring a memorable and user-friendly experience.

Wayfinding Map Design
and Content Development

Whether you’ve got custom app developers in-house or need a turn-key solution, as 22Miles certified content creation partners, we have set up options to make digital wayfinding accessible to any organization; choose the setup option that meets your needs.
After launch, we will train you on software usage to let you quickly and instantly update floorplans and layouts.

Related Projects

We have been servicing the retail industry, delivering multiple successful projects, have a look and give us your feedback.

The Galleria Al Maryah Island


The Galleria Al Maryah Island is Abu Dhabi’s leading lifestyle destination, offering unrivalled shopping, dining and entertainment. Guests can discover 400 stores, including 100 food and beverage outlets, and world-class family entertainment for all ages.


Project: Galleria Mall Interactive Wayfinding

The Works: 49 interactive wayfinding displays with 30 X 49 inch Double sided portrait Kiosks, and 19 X 55 inch Single sided landscape kiosks.

Content: Interactive Maps and Advertisement

Sahara Centre

Sahara Centre is a leading shopping mall in the UAE and one of the best shopping places in the Dubai-Sharjah region. Since its doors in February 2002, the shopping centre has become a landmark considered by many as the best mall in Sharjah and northern emirates.


The Project: Sahara Centre Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

The Works: 24 Wayfinding displays Double-sided portrait Kiosks in strategic locations across the mall.

Content: Interactive Wayfinding Maps and Advertisement

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