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Benefits of Digital Signage in Automotive showrooms

Digital signage in automotive showrooms is growing in popularity and having a digital signage network is not an option anymore but more of a necessity, and here is why you, as a car dealer, should consider going digital!

digital signage in automotive showrooms creates that modern tech-savvy environment which is appealing to the modern customer who is used to internet, smartphones and rich content; even vehicles are beefing up their new models with internet-enabled cars.

Imagine the impact of a large video wall playing promotional video for a 4X4 car driving in the mountains, isn’t this much more appealing and entertaining than a still image of the same car with mountains on the background?

Digital signage is eye-catchy; interactive, always adapting to changes, and cheaper, the world is already moving to augmented reality, where you can play with the model and dismantle and relying only on posters to gain attention from today’s customer is not enough. Today people pass by without even looking at posters on the walls, which is completely opposite when it comes to digital signage.

As a car dealer though, going digital eases your life because it eliminates the hassle and costs of printing new materials, for instance, if you want to display car parts information or availability of new paint colors, you can do so by a single press of a button and … voilà your message is on the screens and you can also disseminate it across all your branches and locations at one time, you can even schedule your messages for some specific time in the future. Now, this is what we call flexibility!

Thinking how to create better customer experience and increase sales? How about giving your customers opportunity to “build” their dream car by using an interactive car configurator? Using touchscreen customers can alter the model choice, accessories and colors and immediately see on a screen what the product of their choice looks like.

Why not replace the static stands next to the cars to elegant looking interactive touchscreens and allow your consumers to independently learn about car features and accessories. Lexus KSA is an example of successful replacement of simple static stands (shown on the pictures). Here Lexus has used customized kiosks with 21-inch screens and visitors can choose to preview a variety of car interior and exterior designs, colors, as well as learn about different car models, its engine, safety, power and performance information that help choosing the right car model.

But car dealers have service centers as well where they need to maintain a high level of service and ensure customer satisfaction at all points. Guest lounges, cashiers, reception and delivery areas… this is where digital signage perfectly fits into the picture. Here you can place interactive customer feedback kiosks and let customers rate their experience by simply using the touch screens.  Waiting areas are great for keeping your customers entertained to reduce perceived wait time.

Placing screens behind reception and cashier is great to advertise products and services that are currently on promotion, let your customers know what is available and what offers you have for them. As you can see, digital signage benefits car dealers in many ways; it makes customer buying experience and car service comfortable and easy along with the benefit of flexibility in content creation and management.

Let us know if you are using digital signage and how it benefits your business or contact AIMS to learn how we can add that “wow” effect to your showroom while hiking your sales and keeping your customers happy.

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