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Interactive Wayfinding Solutions

Digital Mapping & Wayfinding services

for any building type to provide a better Customer Experience

Wayfinding Consulting Services
and Map Optimization

We offer full-stack creative design and consulting services to take ideas and turn them into feature-rich wayfinding experiences. Our graphic design and content managers can import your CAD file and create an immersive 3D wayfinding solution.

You send us this

We create this

We are certified Content creation partners for the leading All-in-one platform 22Miles

Whether you’ve got custom app developers in-house or need a turn-key solution, as 22Miles certified content creation partners we have set up options to make digital wayfinding accessible to any organization. Choose the setup option that meets your needs.


After launch, we will train you on PublisherPro software usage to let you easily and instantly update floorplans and layouts.

We also provide Professional Kiosk Design, manufacturing, and installation services

Whether you’ve got your own corporate identity and design, or you need a turn-key solution, we have the designers, fabrication facilities, and installation teams that will provide you with a seamless project delivery experience.


Our support team services are available 24/7 to support any of your requests.

Related Projects

Sahara Mall

Project: Sahara Mall Interactive Wayfinding

City: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates:

Type: 49 inch Double sided portrait Kiosks

Content: Interactive Maps and Advertisments

Sahara Mall new wayfinding kiosk.JPG
Interactive Wayfinding.png

Galleria Mall

Project: Galleria Mall Interactive Wayfinding

City: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:

Type: 30 X 49 inch Double sided portrait Kiosks, and 19 55 inch Single sided landscape kiosks

Content: Interactive Maps and Advertisement

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