Interactive Wayfinding

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Dubai Mall Interactive wayfinding
Sahara Center Interactive Wayfinding
Etihad Towers Wayfinding Kiosks
Movenpick Hotel
Movenpick Hotel
AbuDhabi The world trade center Mall
Dubai Mall interactive wayfinding
Sahara Mall interactive wayfinding
Sahara Mall interactive wayfinding
Dubai Mall interactive wayfinding
AbuDhabi The world trade center Mall
AbuDhabi The world trade center Mall

“Interactive wayfinding is spatial problem-solving. 

It is knowing where you are in a building or an environment, knowing where your desired location is, and knowing how to get there from your present location"

What is interactive wayfinding?

Interactive wayfinding is “Self-Service” and reduces the load on staff to help direct visitors to their location. It offers a more positive visitor experience by reducing frustration so visitors are more likely to return. With complex path mapping, you can provide the options to print directions or send them to a mobile phone. Searching and interactive directory instead of a static list allow people to filter large lists of names alphabetically, by department, position, etc.

Full Interactive wayfinding solution development services

iMAP interactive wayfinding system from Advanced Interactive Media Solutions is used to guide and inform people on directions, locations, and routes to desired destinations. iMAP is interactive, dynamic, bilingual, easily up-dateable, searchable and scalable, allows visitors to quickly and easily find, view and print directions, maps, floor plans, descriptions, names, and phone numbers or find the person, office, company or store that they are searching for, at the touch of a finger.

22miles and aims partner to deliver 3D wayfinding in Dubai and GCC

AIMS has partnered with the leaders in the 3D wayfinding solutions 22miles from the united states of America, to bring the latest and the most advanced Interactive wayfinding solutions to the region.


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