A city of happiness, A city of Glamour, 

A city of light!




The Experience
Light, spectacular, colorful and Joyful. This is our feeling at aims towards light.

Whenever we work on a project, we dream about how this lighting experience is going to entertain and make a lot of souls happy and joyous. We do not see facade light projects as simple installations, we always feel it first, we sit, imagine, draw, create animations and mockups, and then we deliver.


Come, light the city with us!

Garhoud Bridge Project

Hub Zero Facade Light

Sample Bridge Concept

Modern construction has come to understand that a façade, as part of an overall building envelope, is not only a protection component it is also the most important visual statement. A well-designed building facade light can make a new building communicate more effectively, it's function, values and integrates gracefully into the 21st-century digital era. Not only does that apply to new buildings, but does that as well for existing buildings, as it transforms the appearance and performance of an existing structure.

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