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Refined audience engagement

Bringing digital into an already entertaining experience can attract and inform audiences while increasing engagement, interaction and brand experience. AIMS provides the tools that inspire marketers to create digital experiences that attract audiences, engage them and earn their loyalty with fun, memorable and impressive solutions.

Digital allows marketers to tailor messaging to fit current audiences. The platform supports an agile messaging strategy, where marketers can try out ads, promotions and screen content, assess how it’s resonating with visitors and adjust in real-time using fact-based data.

Use digital displays to deliver rich media content to your audience. Each display connected to your network via media players and can show anything from your latest offers to video and multimedia presentations on your attractions. No other medium allows you to deliver dynamic content to the right location, at the right time, targeted to the right audience. Digital signage maximizes the impact of your message and allows you to reach your audience more effectively and profitably. Digital signage has a far higher impact than static media, like posters or billboards. 

The entertainment industry faces a tough audience who demands, more than ever,  more dynamic, colorful and instant content to keep them interested.


Digital signage provides a perfect communication platform to convey powerful and entertaining messages through digital displays, not only broadcasts instant and attractive messages but also creates an ambiance of excitement, which is vital to provide an excellent customer experience.

  • Increase foot traffic and alleviate wait times at attractions or shows with entertaining content such as high-quality animations, live news feeds, and social media integration.

  • Integrate with back-office systems to dynamically update ticket prices, show times, attraction information and promotions.

  • Use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your messages and optimize them on the spot

  • Reduce friction through interactive wayfinding and self-service kiosks.

  • Reduce actual wait times at sales points through interactive self-service order kiosks.

  • Ensure content is as relevant as possible using playlists for different target audiences or locations.

  • Boost revenue with add-on suggestions, promotions, extra services offered and third-party advertising income.


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