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January 15, 2012 – AIMS witnesses surge in demand for state-of-the-art digital signage solutions by exhibitors and event organizers

Dubai, UAE – Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS), SCALA Middle East partner and the GCC market leader in digital signage solutions, has noted a surge in demand for its specialised digital signage services within the exhibition industry in 2011, as exhibitors and event organizers now increasingly depend on state-of-the-art technology to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition and ultimately drive visitor footfall.

Sophisticated digital signage technology has emerged in the past year as a highly popular medium to attract the attention of trade visitors during major industry events, as it empowers exhibitors to create personalised and dynamic signage content that is now becoming an industry standard.

AIMS pointed out that during the last edition of GITEX Technology Week in Dubai it was contracted by high-profile clients such as Dubai Municipality, Sharp and Qualcomm for various exhibition-specific implementations, which included developing a range of custom-built interactive applications and using state-of-the-art SCALA technology to create personalised content.

For instance, for Dubai Municipality, AIMS created a kiosk in the shape of an iPhone that was equipped with an interactive touchscreen and a camera that automatically uploaded photos to the “iDubai” Facebook fan page. Whereas for Sharp Middle East, AIMS developed an original marketing concept creating a customised VIP Majlis that attracted target audiences with its engaging features through the interactive screens and applications. The installation for Qualcomm included a multi-screen wall that displayed Qualcomm product information and other relevant content. The screens were activated using a touch sensor, while the content was managed using SCALA software.

AIMS expects the exhibition industry to remain a key growth catalyst for digital signage solutions in light of the changing attitude of exhibitors, who are now taking advantage of advanced technologies to cater to their marketing and advertising needs.

Ahmed ElRidi, CEO of Advanced Interactive Media Solutions, UAE, said: “Modern digital signage is increasingly becoming a standard platform in exhibitions as we have consistently proven that it can deliver optimum returns for exhibitors. The extremely high level of creativity and innovation that we bring to the table has certainly convinced exhibitors and event organizers of the unrivalled value of digital signage. Majority of exhibitors who approach us look for greater control over the signage content and expect to achieve a distinctive ‘wow’ factor for their campaigns. Taking advantage of the latest SCALA software, AIMS has successfully developed and deployed numerous campaigns that cater to these specific demands of exhibitors. Technological advances have certainly played a key role in creating greater interest in exhibitions and ultimately driving visitor footfall.”

AIMS has been taking advantage of the latest advances in digital signage technology to create compelling and dynamic content that can be remotely controlled, making it a more economical and practical alternative to conventional static signage. Moreover, exhibitors have been impressed with the high level of interactivity that digital signage solutions offer with the use of touchscreens to present information about their products and services.

About AIMS

AIMS integrates the power of SCALA content management solutions, internet, interactive displays, mobile applications and communication technologies to develop interactive digital signage solutions for the region. The company also uses advanced audience measurement solutions to maximise the ROI of each campaign and ensure optimum customer satisfaction.