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October 12, 2011 –¬†AIMS develops custom digital signage solution for LBFME

Dubai, UAE – Advanced Interactive Media Solutions (AIMS), SCALA Middle East partner and the GCC market leader in digital signage solutions, has announced that it has recently signed a sponsorship agreement with the London Business Forum Middle East (LBFME) to provide digital signage during the events organised by LBFME in Dubai. AIMS has installed 42-inch LCD screens and has also developed the content using SCALA software for the digital signage solution of the LBFME events.

AIMS further revealed that it has installed screen stands located in the lobby of the event’s venue at the Dubai Knowledge Village Auditorium, displaying information about the events organized by LBFME as well as testimonials from people who have attended these events.

An additional screen will be located on the stage of the auditorium, which will be used by the speaker during the presentation. The “80-minute MBA program” will be the first event organised by London Business Forum Middle East that will use the customised digital signage solution developed by AIMS.

“Digital signage provides a big boost to our efforts to create greater awareness about the programs being offered by London Business Forum Middle East. It allows us to deliver any amount of up-to-date information at any time, while empowering us to create a truly attractive experience for our target audiences,” said Hany Mwafy, MD of London Business Forum Middle East.

Ahmed ElRidi, CEO of Advanced Interactive Media Solutions, said: “We are pleased to support London Business Forum Middle East with the installation of a dedicated signage solution that supports its events in Dubai. This sponsorship underlines the impact of digital signage in creating a conducive learning environment for trainings, workshops and other related activities. We hope to build on this project to encourage other academic and professional training institutions to take advantage of the benefits of digital signage.”

London Business Forum Middle East, the London Business Forum’s regional arm was established in 2010. Led by Hany Mwafy, ex Managing Director, North Africa of the Nielsen Company, LBFME brings this unique and alternative thought leadership platform to the region.

The events are designed to empower attendees with practical tips that can be applied to everyday business, covering topics across the marketing, general business, leadership and HR sectors. Attendees range from customer focused professionals to CEOs, middle management and marketing execs, with speakers including marketing guru Peter Fisk on ‘Genius Marketing’ and John Knell’s ’80 Minute MBA, the fastest MBA program in the world’.

About AIMS

AIMS integrates the power of SCALA content management solutions, internet, interactive displays, mobile applications and communication technologies to develop interactive digital signage solutions for the region. The company also uses advanced audience measurement solutions to maximise the ROI of each campaign and ensure optimum customer satisfaction.